Thank you to our sponsoring charity, the Harmon Family Foundation and to all River Oaks Country Club Sponsors for your generosity and support.


Sponsoring Charity

The Harmon Family Foundation


Major Tournament Sponsors


The Friedkin Group

Gordon A. Cain Foundation

Marnie Greenwood

The Greenwood Family

Peter Fluor

Becks Prime

Harmon Level

Martha Long


Steve Lindley

Allen and Mary Shindler – In memory of Rick Baty

Tom and Mary Lile

Charlie and Randa Williams

The Jack A. Lyons Family

Mark and Amy Hammer

Louis Girard

Andres Palandjoglou

David Baggett

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Rob and Georgiana Ladd

Brad and Stephanie Tucker

Burke Level

Mary Cheek

Barry and Elizabeth Young

Sylvia and Titus Harris

The Goossen Family

Randy O’Donnell

Demaret Level

In memory of Garth C. Bates Jr.

Bridget and Patrick Wade

Steve Adger

The Bilger Family

Chad Covey