Thank you to our sponsoring charity, the Harmon Family Foundation and to all River Oaks Country Club Sponsors for your generosity and support.


Sponsoring Charity

The Harmon Family Foundation


Major Tournament Sponsors

The Greenwood Family

The Gordon A. Cain Foundation

Central Bank, The Young & Zinn Families


Harmon Level

Peter and Ann Fluor

K.C. and Randa Weiner

Mobilease Inc.

Steven and Shelly Lindley

Carl M. Ladd

Tom and Mary Lile

The Jack A. Lyons Family

Brad and Stephanie Tucker

The Girard Family

Eddy and Kelli Blanton

David and Maire Baldwin

Lee and Marjorie Jacobe

David  and Kimball Moriniere

Johnny and Melissa Braniff

Burke Level


Mark and Amy Hammer

Don Sanders

Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs

Mary Cheek

Dean and Karen Patrinely

Allen and Mary Shindler

Andres and Carol Palandjoglou

John and Mary Eads

Greer and Elizabeth Pagan

Ned and Kay Holmes

Randa and Charlie Williams

Steve and Joella Mach

Nan and Bob Franklin

Mark and Chrissie Stamey

Gary and Sylvie Crum

Thad and Margaret Hill

Webb Jennings III

Dash and Mikey Lane

James and Diane  D’Agostino

Jason and Courtney Fertitta

Demaret Level

Marty and Kathy Goossen

Louis and Ashley Pearce

Sylvia and Titus Harris

Randy and Kelly O’Donnell

Jeb and Jennifer Ligums

Palandjoglou Family

Paul and Melissa Dobrowski

John B. Young

Andrew and Molly Montgomery

The Morrell Family

In Memory of Garth C Bates Jr.

James and Gwen Mullins

James and Ellen Cummins

Jeth and Mary Jones

Jack and Katie Reidy

Todd and Stephanie Kissner

John and Courtney Garrett

Oliver and Beverly Pennington

The Bilger Family

The Covey Family

Mark and Meredith Barineau